Contracts come in an endless variety of forms and complexity. Some contracts are dozens of pages long and comprehensible only to those with specialized skills, therefore they are critical. Each and every contract can be different and usually is, therefore capturing information hidden in these contracts is not that straightforward. Clauses can be expressed differently in different words and acronyms. These attributes can be in different locations in different contracts, sometimes even several different locations in different contract. There can be misspellings and incorrect formatting leading to an incorrect extraction of information.

Critical information may even be missing and a software may not see this, as an outlier attribute which can have significant consequences. There is always some interpretation, and clean-up a familiar element in analyzing any contract. People reviewing contracts and entering the attributes require specialized training and/or knowledge. It’s a tedious process, fraught with issues from fatigue and haunted with inaccuracy. So, a combination of two i.e. software and human expertise can make this process fast and accurate.

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