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Automated meta-data extraction - Use AI software or outsource?

Download this white paper to read about when to do meta-data extraction from contracts in house using AI software and when to consider outsourcing to a specialized firm.

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Steps and Best Practices for Legacy Contract Management & Migration

Download this white paper to read about steps and best practices that companies should consider for migrating the legacy contracts and their associated meta-data into a new CLM before investing time, money and resources.

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migrate and manage legacy

Methods to Manage & Migrate your Legacy Contracts

This white paper details various ways to manage and migrate your legacy contracts along with pros and cons of each of these.

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Stepping stones

Stepping Stones to Successful Implementation of a CLM

White paper enlightens various steps that enable the contracts to move from paper or electronically executed contracts into searchable digital information.

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Why migrate from structured to searchable data base in a CLM

7 Reasons to load your legacy contracts into a new CLM system

This white paper throws light on the benefits of loading legacy contracts into a Contract Lifecycle Management system.

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contract summarization

Contract Summarization – What, Why & How

Contract Summarization can come really handy for a quick reference and review, as it provides a concise view of all the significant terms and clauses, saving precious time and resources. Download now to read more on contract summarization.

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best of two AI and Human

Why human intervention is a necessity for contract review & abstraction

To achieve accurate results from extraction, human verification & interpretation is as important as the software. Read use cases where software might fail to locate and abstract correctly.

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contract management industry brief

Efficiency Through Contract Management

Read our industry briefs on how contract management requirements differ from one industry to other and how Brightleaf can be of help.

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AI and Contract Extraction

Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining & Contract Extraction

Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining are contributing heavily towards managing enormous amount of data. This white paper throws light on these new technologies and contract extraction.

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Get a handle around your contracts

Methods to Get a Handle Around Your Contracts

Listed from the simplest to the most comprehensive, full-featured solutions, there are 4 primary ways to get your arms around your contracts.

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optical character recognition

OCR? Extraction? Migration?

This white paper is meant to provide some insight into the technologies and processes that will enable you to get started and then maintain your system.

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Legacy Contracts

Getting The Most From A Contract Management System

Benefits of exporting legacy contracts into a CLM and ways to upload that in the most efficient manner (Manual vs Automated vs hybrid solutions).

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Automated Abstraction

Automated Abstraction and Analysis Report

Automated contract abstraction enables you to: know what’s all in your contracts, keep your CLM current, ensure contract compliance and quickly gain business insights.

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Brightleaf Corridor white paper on contract management systems and migration

Managing Your Contracts and the Content within them

Unlocking the Value of Your Existing Contracts! A Joint Whitepaper by Corridor Company & Brightleaf Solutions.

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Success Stories

contract extraction success stories

Brightleaf Abstraction Success Stories

Read abstraction success stories of companies using Brightleaf automated abstraction technology to overcome their traditional difficulties.

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obligation tracking

BT Manages Obligations A Whole New Way

The Brightleaf service eliminates the need to deploy teams of lawyers to get the information we need for obligation and risk management.” says Paul Branch, BT

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cipla metadata abstraction success story

Cipla Medpro Gains Better Visibility Into Their Contracts

"We chose Brightleaf because their technology-enabled service promised to deliver highly accurate results within a tight schedule” Nikhil Patel, Cipla

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At Glance - GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

GDPR is not just a directive but a regulation which will come into force across the European Union on 25 May 2018. Read our white paper to know more.

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IFRS 16 - New Lease Accounting Standard

Brightleaf takes all your leases, their addenda, appendixes and extracts the essential data points needed for restructuring the leases. To know more download our white paper on IFRS 16.

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qualified financial contracts

Qualified Financial Contracts (QFC) – New Rules

Brightleaf is all equipped to provide real-time support needed to stay compliant with the new reporting rules. Download our white paper to read more on the amended new rules for QFCs.

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Brightleaf Webinar

Watch our webinar to learn how a blend of Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence can enable you conquer the challenges of legacy agreements extraction and migration.

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Brightleaf - IACCM Webinar

Watch this webinar to learn more about the challenges and process of migrating legacy agreements into a Contract Lifecycle Management system.

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