AI contract data extraction platform

Contracts can Change the Future of your Company

And our AI contract data extraction platform helps you do it.

Brightleaf’s AI Third Party Paper Data Extraction Software identifies, extracts, and analyzes key data and content in your contracts. Built on API-driven and AI-powered architecture capabilities that give you flexibility and enable you to unleash the full value of information from your contracts.

Challenges in Managing Third Party Contracts

  • Traditionally, processing Third Party contracts involved manual efforts spanning over multiple draft revisions, email exchanges, and lots of confusion!
  • Obscure or unknown provisions which left businesses at risk
  • Difficulty in tracking redlined versions due to high volume of drafts
  • Inconsistent language, which makes it difficult to provide visibility to stakeholders
  • Non-standardized language, making it difficult to report and analyze legal data

Brightleaf’s AI Third Party Paper Data Extraction Software can be embedded into the workflow of the CLM platform system to enable quick extraction of meta-data from contracts.

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Easy Integration

Manage all your contracts with Brightleaf’s smart SaaS-based AI Third Party Paper Data Extraction Software which understands linguistics, along with broad and multi-layered grammatical constructs, allowing it to parse complex legal language across any number of contracts and companion documents such as amendments, addendums, side letters, etc. With most of the CLM system for a hassle-free migration of extracted data into the CLM


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