Here’s a b.leaf post from our Dave Curran about the very successful launch of the Entrepreneurship Talks program series with Foley Lardner..

Well it happened!  Gabor and I had a great first conversation during the launch of the Entrepreneurship Talks™ Program. (Click Here to download the recorded event) The time went by so quickly.  We got a bunch of questions but were only able to answer  a few of them.  The Program seems to have hit a nerve.  There are lots of people (more than 300 people signed up for the Program) in the Entrepreneurial ecosystem who are looking for plain talk about common and often bewildering issues – particularly core legal issues.  Interestingly, it’s not just business people.  Sometimes  advisors and mentors themselves find this area somewhat of thicket and will try to answer questions – not in their domain – so that the entrepreneurs keep moving. I’ve met many a lawyer will answer a question about marketing with a preface like “I’m not a marketing expert, but have you tried the following…”  This can sometimes be counterproductive and confusing to someone who’s got a great business idea but not necessarily deep experience in a particular area or market.

We got lots of comments from entrepreneurs who have been intimidated or unhappy about their interactions with lawyers.  Let’s face it, most lawyers didn’t go to charm school on their way to law school.  They’re often brilliant subject matter experts, but have some gaps on the interpersonal skills side.  That’s why I really enjoy working with Gabor.  He’s extremely knowledgeable, but also knows how to relate the legal world to the student who’s working on a very cool software business, or the inventor who’s developed an innovative tech solution for a business problem.

I’m a recovering lawyer who’s run several technology businesses; and I’ve also helped buy dozens of founder-based companies and tried to integrate them into larger companies (that’s the subject for a future blog because it hasn’t always been pretty).  In future Programs, we plan to share some real world experiences.  I like to think of it as land mine avoidance techniques that have been distilled from years of experience.  The goal is to give you enough information so that you can move forward prudently with your business. 

Watch this space for answers to questions generated by the Program. 

In the meantime, we’re gearing up for the next session – date TBD – that will focus on Intellectual Property.  So, if you have questions about trademarks, copyrights, patents, trade secrets; how to create them, protect them, license them, etc., please send them to me to include in the Program.  We’ll have a guest who’s run businesses and has grappled with real world IP matters. 

Talk soon.