I just got through reading an excellent article by McKinsey & Co. entitled “Delighting in the Possible”. It’s their version of how to think outside the box simply by separating the possible from the probable. In it, the authors state “our approach to the hardest problems—and the anxiety those problems create—is fundamentally misdirected. When most of us face a challenge, we typically fall back on our standard operating procedures.

Here at Brightleaf, we “delight” in helping our clients make better, data-driven decisions and improve compliance by accessing, managing and analyzing the important data that’s locked inside thousands of executed contracts.  Following the same advice as offered in the McKinsey article, our customers engage with us because they look at their contracts differently. They know that the information contained in them can provide insights into customer, vendor, and partner behavior that does indeed open up “the possible”.

You can check out the article here on McKinsey & Co.’s website.