At Brightleaf we’re big Trinity Law Group fans: they’re super-sharp, well-connected, deeply experienced business lawyers with a model that perfectly suits entrepreneurial tech companies.  Nice guys, too. Also, TLG co-founder Walter Wright co-hatched the idea that became Brightleaf and in our early days patiently raised and fed the fledgeling company until it was ready to leave the nest and take to the skies.  So you know that: (a) they really “get” technology companies, and (b) they aggressively pursue cutting-edge solutions on behalf of their clients.  To our mind, they’re a perfect mix of experience and innovation. 

In this video, Trinity’s Dan Ryan talks a bit about the firm and its philosophy.  It’s worth watching, especially if you’re in the market for some business lawyering.  Also, check out Dan’s writings at (Lexis-Nexis Top 25-rated) The Business Law Blog here.