One of the big challenges that face lawyers today is their ability to market themselves. There are an unlimited number of market channels in which a lawyer can present their services. Lawyers can sponsor and attend networking events. They can blog, tweet or have a presence on Facebook. But with the required time and effort, how much actually pays off for the individual lawyer?

Law firm marketing organizations do a solid job of marketing their firms and developing a good firm reputation in the market. But if you really look at what generates revenue for the firm it has to do with individual relationships that the lawyers have with an industry or a particular client. Law firms need to find marketing channels that allow the individual partners to build their name and brand recognition.

A new concept that law firm marketing organizations need to consider in this age of always on information is the concept of “Just-in-Time Targeted Marketing”. Several other industries use this concept with great success, yet it has not caught on in the legal market.

Imagine for a minute you are a new start-up company and you are looking to raise seed funding for your company. The first thing you are going to do is digest everything on the web as it relates to raising seed capital. You may find yourself reading articles on SeedFunding101, or maybe read about the TechStars incubator program. What if in those articles there was a link, or better yet there was a small marketing advertisement that describes your startup lawyer and how he guides startups through the funding process. By clicking on the link the entrepreneur is taken to a page that describes the process of raising seed financing and how important it is to work with an expert lawyer who can introduce you to seed investors and help guide you through the process. What if the site also let the entrepreneur provide a bit of information to the lawyer so that you could start a conversation? All of a sudden there is a name and a face with the process. The entrepreneur is now comfortable either picking up the phone and calling the lawyer, or sending in information about his company so that a lawyer can make a quick decision about how to handle this entrepreneur. The one thing for sure is that an entrepreneur is not going to cold call into a law firm just because they sponsored an event.

This is just-in-time marketing for lawyers, putting the knowledge, expertise and face of the individual in front of the entrepreneur when he is most apt to pick up the phone or make contact. This approach will have a dramatic impact on the overall book of business for the lawyer and continue to shed a positive light on the firm.