Brightleaf is happy to announce the publication of our Strategy Brief entitled “How Law Firms Use Document Automation to Turn Today’s Price Pressures into a Competitive Advantage.” And the best news is, we’re happy to give you a copy.

Brightleaf has always been focused on helping lawyers get their work done better, faster, and with greater accuracy. Our document automation platform helps law firms get greater profits from work that’s done frequently and that comes with pricing pressure. Think startup company forms, employment agreements, leases, and venture capital financing documents.

Our focus these issues isn’t simply because we’re a document automation company or because a bunch of us used to be lawyers. It’s because the legal market is changing. According to the Wall Street Journal, “clients who pushed back on legal bills during the economic downturn are continuing to hold the line, especially on routine matters, including bulk contract work.” Clients are getting more savvy about pricing, and law firms are under tremendous pressure to talk about their billing practices and the value they bring to their clients.

With Brightleaf, lawyers have a platform that allows them to do that while getting lots of work done. Brightleaf provides the technology bridge that makes lawyers look good and helps get their work done in a more efficient way. This makes lawyers and firm administrators happy, and best of all, makes clients happy. So if your firm is facing pricing pressure and is looking to find technology solutions that can help turn that problem around, then give us a call to talk about it!