Westwood, MA (PRWEB) August 17, 2012

Lawyers Draft and Collaborate from iPads

Brightleaf v3.10 Makes Legal Document Automation Easier and More Mobile.

Boston-area Brightleaf Corporation today released version 3.10 of its popular Legal Document Automation platform. The release significantly streamlines how lawyers automate their own forms to enable faster, more accurate drafting. It also further extends how those lawyers can use iPads and other mobile devices to create and collaborate with clients and co-workers on deal documents.

Brightleaf® 3.10 targets two areas of the company’s cloud-driven, Microsoft Word®-based Legal Document Automation platform: the Template Factory (through which lawyers transform their flat documents into automated forms), and the Leaflet™ mobile document tools (through which those lawyers connect on drafting projects with clients and co-workers).

From Tom Bolton, Brightleaf’s Director of Product Design and Development: “The 3.10 improvements to our Template Factory give lawyers more control over how they automate forms while making that automation even easier and more intuitive. In particular, 3.10 lets lawyers manipulate multi-document forms and multi-party transactions by simply snapping roles and attributes to the various deal participants. Whether law firms and legal departments want to handle their own legal document automation project, or let our cost-efficient professional services team handle it for them, 3.10 will make the process faster and more flexible. ”

From Dan Gaffney, Brightleaf President & CEO: “At law firms and legal departments, cost pressures and workloads are on the rise. Brightleaf can help with both. As lawyers increasingly turn to legal document automation to alleviate those pressures, they’re finding huge synergies when they extend automation to their clients and colleagues. That’s why the 3.10 enhancements to our Leaflet™ mobile document tools matter: lawyers can now connect deal documents and deal participants without friction or loss of control. Leaflets make it really, really easy to extract portions of automated documents, custom-tailor them in minutes for individual clients or broad audiences, package them with multimedia resources, and syndicate them over and over again. Leaflets enable workflows. They accelerate deal cycles. They increase client retention. And they help lawyers market themselves and their services in a uniquely dynamic way.”

As with all of its releases, Brightleaf 3.10 embodies the company’s Zero Programming philosophy. Lawyers draft documents in Word. They modify documents in Word. The company believes lawyers should automate documents the exact same way: in Word, transparently, without having to wrestle with field code syntax or program XML or compile-and-upload anything, ever.

From AmLaw 50 firms to micro-boutiques, Boston-area Brightleaf Corporation deploys its cloud-driven, Word-based legal document automation platforms to make lawyers more productive and legal work more profitable.

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