Nice shout-out for Brightleaf from Rees Morrison, the most prolific blogger in the legal technology/management biz (we’re working on our second cup of coffee  and he’s already dropped five posts this morning). In addition to the dizzying pace of the work he produces, Rees is also perhaps the most respected legal department management consultant you could hope to find.  If you work in-house and you have not read his e-book “Effective Structure for Your Law Department,” I suggest that you do so.

In the post above, Rees touched on something that’s very important to us:  Brightleaf is a document automation platform, not just a document assembly application.    While it’s easy for any company to claim this (especially if they’ve been reading our website), the term “document automation platform” has a very specific structural meaning.

Document automation platforms combine three main components:  

  1. Applications (such as document assembly or document analysis or template creation) that automate repetitive, process-intensive legal work;
  2. Process automation engines that enable collaboration and workflow and compliance by allowing documents to “go” where they’re supposed to, when they’re supposed to; and,
  3. Powerful and secure database technologies that interconnect readily with existing systems so that clients have complete control over document privacy and retention.

Each of these components, by themselves, provides law firms and legal departments with huge value.  But by combining them, real document automation platforms can fundamentally transform efficiencies and economics at those departments and firms.

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