I read a recent headline in the Boston Globe entitled “Behind the scenes of the ‘sexiest job of the 21st century’” and thought for sure they must be talking about VP’s of Sales at technology startups. 🙂 But unfortunately, no. The article refers to the increasingly important role of “data scientists”. It states “…as companies across many business sectors amass piles of information — big data, in techspeak — they desperately need analytical minds to make sense of it. Combining statistical know-how, computer programming skills, and real-world sensibilities, that’s what data scientists do.”

It makes perfect sense. Companies like Brightleaf provide huge amounts of valuable data. In our case, it’s the terms, provisions and obligations across thousands of executed contracts. Someone needs to make sense of it all and help the owners of that big data get the insight they need so they can make better “data driven decisions.” And in the world of business, that qualifies as “sexy.”

You can read The Boston Globe article here: Behind the scenes of the sexiest job of 21st century