Yesterday, Mass High Tech wrote us up as an emerging legal technology trend.  Today, American Lawyer sat down with our latest hire, Lynne Zagami, and talked about how Brightleaf represents a change in the traditional BigLaw economics and may be emerging as a new way for really talented young lawyers to work.

Lynne, a former Proskauer/ Brown Rudnick associate, is Brightleaf’s new Director of Client Strategic Processes.  She’ll be working with our large firm clients to help them automate the way they create and approve and manage their transaction documents and free themselves from the strictures of their exisiting economics.  Lynne’s previous life gave her an up-close look at the some of the labor-intensive sausage factory processes that corporate clients increasingly disfavor in their outside counsel.  Now she gets to help re-form those processes.

We’re fortunate to have Lynne on our side.  BigLaw’s loss is our gain…which is ultimately BigLaw’s gain too!.

Article here.